6” Twin Size Mattresses for Kids Who Outgrow Crib and Toddler Mattresses | Greenguard Gold Certified

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Keep the sweet dreams coming with our Juniper Dreams 6” Dual Firm Twin Mattress. Kids always seem to grow up too fast and pretty soon they’ve outgrown much of their baby clothes and things. Our twin bed mattress is designed for big kids who have outgrown their crib and toddler mattresses but still need long nights of comforting sleep.

The dual firmness of our padding makes for the best sleeping experience. Our memory foam mattress for twin beds is firmer on one side to support infants who need the firmness to develop properly. On the other side, it’s a softer, more giving plushness that’s well suited to older toddlers for better comfort.

Our mattress for twin bed frames is padded with our revolutionary Bundle Fiber technology. It allows for 100% breathability, letting the air circulate through the whole mattress to help regulate your child's body temperature. Bundle Fiber is also an excellent alternative to potentially harmful standard foam.

Children can sleep safe and sound on our Greenguard Gold Certified hypoallergenic twin-size mattress. It's Zero VOC for indoor air quality and contains no harmful materials like foam or chemical retardants. You’ll sleep more soundly yourself, knowing that your child is safe in their slumber.

Our twin mattress memory foam is housed in a 100% organic cotton slipcover. It’s water repellent so you can better manage spills and accidents. It’s also seamless with a hidden zipper for better comfort and added protection against bedbugs. Slip it off easily and wash it by hand or simply toss it into the washing machine for much easier cleaning.

Get your Juniper Dreams 6” Dual Firm Twin Mattress today so your growing child can continue to sleep the sleep of babes.